Teen Safety Matters

Educate Your Teens About Abuse

Educate Your Teens About Abuse

As many as 20% of teens will experience abuse before they graduate from high school. Child Abuse Prevention Services works every day to educate teens in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area about child abuse. Resources are an important part of the prevention process. That's why we've created our child protection program. This program allows us to teach teens how to spot signs of abuse and spread awareness about the issue.

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See something, say something

As teenagers, it can be challenging to spot the signs of abuse. Our child protection program is designed to give teens the tools they need to...

  • Recognize the signs of abuse.
  • Advocate for others if they see signs of abuse.
  • Speak up if they're being mistreated at home.

Our program is designed to empower survivors of child abuse to use resources that will benefit them in their recovery.

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