Child Abuse Prevention Is Our Top Priority

We offer programs throughout Tuscaloosa, AL and surrounding areas

At Child Abuse Prevention Services, we work every day to spread awareness about child abuse prevention in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area. We offer a wide range of child abuse resources, including speaking engagements and educational programs. Our programs cover a range of topics, including how to reduce the risk of SIDS and SBS, Internet safety for kids and teen education.

What are the signs of child abuse?

Every child is different. However, there are many common signs of child abuse. Prevention begins by noticing changes in a child's appearance or behavior.

Some common signs of child abuse include:

  • Physical marks, such as bruises, injuries or scars
  • Behavioral changes, such as depression, withdrawal or aggression
  • Rebellion, such as skipping school, running away or rule-breaking


Child protection and preventing child abuse are our top priorities at Child Abuse Prevention Services. Contact us today for more information about our educational programs.


You can help the cause

Child Abuse Prevention Services has been providing the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area with child abuse resources for more than 40 years. You can help us continue the fight.

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