Preventing Child Abuse

We Are Dedicated to Child Abuse Prevention

We Are Dedicated to Child Abuse Prevention

Help us spread awareness in Tuscaloosa, AL

Preventing child abuse is our top priority at Child Abuse Prevention Services. Every day, we work to spread awareness about the issue throughout the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area. By increasing educational outreach, we can help adults and children learn the signs of child abuse. When people notice the signs, they can report the behavior and stop it in its tracks.

Donate to our cause today to help us with preventing child abuse. Your donations will be used to fund educational events throughout the area.

Hire us for your speaking event

At Child Abuse Prevention Services, our goal is to educate children, teens and parents about child abuse prevention. In order to spread awareness about the issue, we attend and speak at a wide range of events in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area. These include...

  • School assemblies.
  • Church events.
  • Conventions.

Are you hosting a local event? Book a speaker to discuss child abuse prevention by calling 205-758-1159 today.